[CentOS] I need storage server advice

Tue May 6 19:19:37 UTC 2008
Matt Shields <mattboston at gmail.com>

On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 3:11 PM, Ed Morrison <edward.morrison at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi:
>  I need advice on implementing a storage server.  I really do not have the $
> to spend for a Dell iSCSI storage divice and I am thinking trunning CentOS
> 5.x with ftp or FreeNAS.  Here is what I am looking at and concerned about.
>  Situation:
>  My current storage needs are approximately 1.5 TB annually.  This will
> increase to about 3.5 TB annually over the next 5 years (rough est.).  This
> box will just be a data archive and once it is full it will only be used
> very infrequently if not used at all. Files are small up to 10 MB but
> numerous.
>  CentOS:
>  Upgrading to the newer CentOS flavors.  I will not have the ability to
> archive this data to tape and I am concerned about loosing the data when
> upgrading the OS.  How best to handle this?
>  Storage limitation.  It is my understanding that there is a 2 TB storage
> limitation with Linux (and windows) in general particularly for stability.
> I see that ReiserFS can go up to 16 TB.  Is any one using this?  If so, how
> has it been for you?
>  FreeNAS
>  Anyone using FreeNAS?  What is your experience?  How easy is it to add new
> drives and keep your data?  Upgrading to newer versions?
>  Thanks,
>  Ed

I haven't used this and maybe I understand the concept, but what about
RedHat's GFS?  From what has been told to me, you take a cluster of
servers and it turns them into a large disk array.  Someone correct me
if I'm wrong.