[CentOS] I need storage server advice

Wed May 7 05:07:35 UTC 2008
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
> Yes, though slammed hardware RAID a bit. Software RAID has it's place 
> don't
> get me wrong, it's just knowing when and where.
> Now the problem I have with your approach under the OP's
> requirements is the only way to fit that kinda storage over that long a
> period is with external enclosures and there isn't many systems that 
> have external 4 lane serial storage
> connectors builtin, so one needs a card that can perform that and if 
> you are shopping for a card to do that
> then you might as well get one for a few $100 more that has on board 
> RAID. Also if the OP wanted to switch
> distro's he will not have to worry about losing the RAID configuration 
> or hosing it in the process.

I've never had any problems with linux losing track of md based raid 
mirrors or LVM configurations, and they import quite nicely into new 

I'd consider using a SAS card on the host (LSI Logic makes some nice 
ones), and each SAS port can drive 16 SATA drives on SATA/SAS backplane 

I'd start with a 3U 16 bay /server/ using a SAS/SATA backplane, too, 
then when that fills up, add 16 drive expansion bays as needed...
something like http://www.aicipc.com/ProductImage.aspx?ref=RSC-3ED2-2 
(but, by all means, pick your favorite chassis or system vendor)