[CentOS] R (statistics package) on CentOS-5 ?

Wed May 7 20:19:39 UTC 2008
Joshua Baker-LePain <jlb17 at duke.edu>

On Wed, 7 May 2008 at 9:57pm, Kay Diederichs wrote

> the statistics package R (www.r-project.org) was available for CentOS-4, but 
> I need it for CentOS-5 (64bit). RPMforge has R-2.5.1 for CentOS-4, so I 
> thought I'd try to install that on CentOS-5.
> However, yum complains about missing ggv, and the specfile indeed says that R 
> requires ggv, which is not in CentOS-5 (it has kghostview).
> I could probably install with "rpm -Uvh --nodeps", but the question is 
> rather: has anybody built R for CentOS-5 ?

It's in EPEL.

Joshua Baker-LePain
QB3 Shared Cluster Sysadmin