[CentOS] Intel ICH9R Raid5 Recovery

Sat May 10 06:28:52 UTC 2008
Mark Pryor <tlviewer at yahoo.com>

--- Ruslan Sivak <russ at vshift.com> wrote:

> Sorry for posting this twice, didn't look like it
> made it before...
> Russ
> Ruslan Sivak wrote:
> > I had a raid5 on an onboard Intel ICH9R chip under
> windows.  Windows 
> > crashed, as it often does, and the array became
> degraded.  At some 
> > point during the rebuild, I was doing some
> hardware maintanence and 
> > unplugged one of the drives, and forgot to plug it
> back in.
> > When I booted up, the array came back as failed. 
> I turned off the PC, 
> > plugged the drive back in and powered it back on,
> but the array stayed 
> > as failed.
> > Is there a way to recover the data?  I heard
> dmraid supports ich9r 
> > raid volumes, but I keep getting an error saying
> unsupported map state 
> > 2.  I found out that dmraid doesnt' support raid 5
> (at least not on a 
> > ICH9R chip).  I heard about this patch: 
> > http://people.redhat.com/heinzm/sw/dm/dm-raid45/,
> but I'm not sure how 
> > to apply it to a linux live cd.  Does anyone have
> any idea?
> > Is there maybe a way to reset the metadata to make
> the intel 
> > controller boot the array anyway?

One of the best live Linux CD's out there is the FC8

uses the 2.6.23 kernel. Knoppix 5.1 is Jan07 and
kernel 2.6.19

BTW, I hear a lot of negative things about dmraid and
fakeraid. I have an FC5 desktop box dual booting WinXP
and FC5 on fakeraid/Raid0 thats been perfect for over
3 years. That includes a kernel upgrade in FC5, which
required me to run mkinitrd (since it froze during
boot) to get it working.


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