[CentOS] broken GFS

Mon May 12 20:26:00 UTC 2008
Flaherty, Patrick <pflaherty at wsi.com>

> This is the 2nd time this has happened to me.  There was a kernel
> release over the weekend to .67.0.15, yet, they did not release the
> updated GFS to go along with it, so when the machine 
> rebooted, there was
> no gfs file system in the new running kernel which in turn 
> wreaked havoc
> on my cluster.  I truly wish they would not do that :).  I 
> guess I shall
> have to not allow automatic yum updates from these machines.

Use the yum's exclude functionality. Man yum.conf for the syntax. I
think it will just be exclude=kernel. 

You also might want to remove the non gfs kernels from your installation
and get a staging environment for patching set up (if this is a
production system).