[CentOS] broken GFS

Wed May 14 13:10:41 UTC 2008
js <security at air-austral.com>

Hello All;

Maybe, because XFS seems to be important, is it  possible to build xfs 
right after the kernel src build?

Is this far more longer than only build the kernel?

Ok nobody pay you to do Centos, ok.
Centos is a very good project, but i think it's not really constructive 
to say "ok, pay me and I will do it" :)
You don't do Centos because you need money but because you like what you do.

Of course, forget my mail if XFS is a crap to build, but if a simple " 
add stuff in changelog xfs.spec;  rpmbuild -ba --sign 
mycoolXFSmodul.src.rpm" is enough,
maybe You could think to build xfs in the same time a kernel update is 
available ?




Johnny Hughes a écrit :
> Linux wrote:
>> On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 1:15 AM, Tru Huynh <tru at centos.org> wrote:
>>> On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 12:40:22AM +0300, Linux wrote:
>>>  > What a coincidence. That is the 1st time I live such a thing. Well,
>>>  > show me a way to prove.
>>>  /var/log/messages ?
>> Only a small part of it.
>>>  > This log is after update & reboot:
>>>  > "May 11 16:06:03 xxxxx kernel: XFS: failed to read root inode"
>>>  nothing more?
>> Well, that is the only unexpected part. Just to show that XFS module
>> was loaded for WRONG kernel. As you said, you newer saw before.
>>>  > According to this, there is a mystery in "May 11 16:06:03" because
>>>  > there WAS a kmod_xfs but it was 53.1.14, not 53.1.19 as updated
>>>  > kernel.
>>>  too bad you rebooted 1 hour before the kernel-xfs module update.
>> When was kernel-xfs module updated in repository? Just that time? If
>> so too bad CentOS folks do not update every piece of kernel as a whole
>> in repositories. Where is integrity?
>> If not, "yum update" does not update everything at once. I have to run
>> yum update twice maybe more. First it will load kernel then see that a
>> new kernel is available, will go and bring its modules...
>> Still, it is a bit annoying and confusing. I am beginning to think
>> whether XFS is really supported in CentOS :)
> OK ... let me give you an official answer
> red hat does not even release the the gfs kmods on the same day as the 
> kernel, that is FULLY supported and even an added expense for rhel4.
> we DO NOT update xfs (or the centosplus kernel) on the same day as the 
> base centos kernels.  We are NOT going to wait to release the main 
> kernel security update for a day or more to get centosplus stuff also 
> done.
> xfs IS NOT SUPPORTED in the same way as the base centos distro is and 
> xfs is not in RHEL.
> Our 2 million users do not want to wait for the base kernel security 
> updates for 2 extra days so that a very small group of people who use 
> the xfs file system can get their updates at the same time.
> It might take even longer to get these built as no one pays me to 
> build them and I have a real job and a real life  ... if you can't do 
> one of these:
> 1.  Build your own module.
> 2.  Exclude the kernel and only update it when the modules are ready.
> Then you can pay me $200.00 per hour and I will manage your server for 
> you.
> Thanks,
> Johnny Hughes
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