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Wed May 14 16:58:23 UTC 2008
Sergio Belkin <sebelk at gmail.com>

2008/5/13  <jleaver+centos at reachone.com>:
> Sergio Belkin wrote:
>> Even so, thanks for your comments, I'd like more experiences about
>> monitoring systems. Again of topic, I want to avoid Nagios because it
>> looks like over complex but if someone has an actual experience
>> demostrating the opposite, I'd be glad to hear.
>> Thanks in advance
> We've used Nagios very successfully.  We have hundreds of hosts and well
> over a thousand checks, so I'm guessing that we're probably a medium-ish
> installation.  The use of templating makes adding hosts and services quick
> and painless.  We've evaluated some of the other options already mentioned
> here: zabbix, opennms, zenoss, even mon, and big-brother and friends, and
> have always decided that nagios is the best product for our needs, as far as
> system monitoring goes. The initial learning curve is about medium compared
> to some, and once you've gotten over that hump, there just don't seem to be
> others. I've recommended Nagios to a few less-than-seasoned sysadmins who
> were able to take the templating concept and run with it.   We have also
> setup cacti for the snmp statistics keeping. Nagios does have performance
> data capabilities now, they feel sort of tacked on to me.  The folks over at
> http://www.centreon.com/ are working on an integrated user interface that
> includes statistics keeping using Nagios as the monitoring engine which
> looks as though there may be some promise, if I was starting over I'd
> definitely evaluate that.
> I hope this is of some help in your review process.
> Sincerely,
> Jacob Leaver
> Sr. Systems Administrator
> ReachONE Internet
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OK, you won :) I'm going to test  nagios. I am using centos 5.1
x86_64. Do I lose much if I use rpm from rpmforge (version 2.9)?

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