[CentOS] broken GFS

Wed May 14 20:48:33 UTC 2008
Doug Tucker <tuckerd at engr.smu.edu>

> This is linked from the CentOS FAQ:
> http://www.caliburn.nl/topposting.html
> Akemi

LOL!  This is just TOO good.

1. Because it is proper Usenet Etiquette.

...all but dead...I run a usenet server here, had 3 logins last
month...user base is over 4000...

2.    We use a good news reader like Forte Agent.

OMG.  I haven't used a usenet reader in 10 years for anything.  Assumed
Forte Agent went out of development years ago.

I'll stop there, there is not a single thing on that page I can agree with anymore, 
technology, email and the web have moved on beyond that ideology of old.

I'm already at about 50% of the time reading email on my iphone mail app.  Like it
or not for the religious users (and I'll count myself there in many categories), eventually
most of our mail will be read on a handheld device.  So the 2 line preview pane at the top 
before deciding to atually open the message becomes very relevant, which does not lend
itself useful in "bottom posting".  I can't remember the last time I saw a desktop user
regardless of client not read their mail using the "preview" pane.  They need to just 
rename that, as people even rarely click to open the message anymore.  Again, not good
when bottom posting.  I got poo-poo'd off about my GFS/kernel release schedule, for being 
in some small minority.  So, where are bottom posters, in terms of majority these days?
Maybe it's time, to update with the times?

Go ahead, let the bashing begin!

I'm off to another building, taking my email in my pocket with me...