[CentOS] broken GFS

Wed May 14 20:56:53 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Doug Tucker wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-05-14 at 12:37 -0700, John R Pierce wrote:
>> Doug Tucker wrote:
>>> My whole issue is around GFS, which is officially supported (someone
>>> else hijacked this thread with XFS which got more attention), and in my
>>> statement I said: "Keep in mind this is not an unsupported XFS that
>>> someone hijacked my thread with."  So I'm agreeing that XFS should never
>>> be brought up in the same fashion as GFS, as it is not a supported file
>>> system.  GFS is, and it is my opinion RH should release the 2 together.
>> GFS is only 'officially supported' under a seperate $$$$ contract from 
>> Red Hat.  
> And?  It's official.  In fact, ext3 is only officially supported from
> them these day without a $$$ contract.  Which is why we're all here!  :D

But, RHCS and RHGFS are not part of RHEL, and not part of base CentOS 
(before centos-5 that is).  It is an addon repository. We do update it, 
but it takes a back seat to the main centos repo.

Regardless ... I am building those updates and they should be released 
after I QA them sometime later today.

>> And, if you're a GFS customer of Red Hat's, I'm pretty darn 
>> sure the first thing they do is disable kernel updates... In fact, I 
>> seem to recall that RHEL4 ships with kernel updates disabled, you have 
>> to use `up2date --force` or something to enable them.
> Yes, but kernel is disabled from EL4 reguardless of filesystem, so GFS
> has nothing to do with that.  YOu can just edit the up2date file to
> remove that.  I merely believe that GFS filesystem updates should be
> released in conjuntion with kernel with all the other filesystems built
> in, treating it no differently since it is officially supported, just
> not put in the standard kernel build to put separation between it and
> the $$ extra product.  And that is merely, an opinion.

Sure ... the reason they want you to manually update the kernel is that 
for all but the most basic of systems, you have to think BEFORE you 
update it.

All I am saying is that GFS (and any other ADDED repo besides Base or 
Updates) will get updates ... however they are not normally going to be 
as fast as the Base and Updates repos.  That is just how it goes.

Johnny Hughes

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