[CentOS] broken GFS

Wed May 14 21:38:41 UTC 2008
jleaver+centos at reachone.com <jleaver+centos at reachone.com>

> Yes. When I signed on with CentOS it was explicitly written into my
> requirements that *I* be the only 'official' ass. Yes, a non-compete
> clause is involved, so can all just STEP OFF!
> :-P
> </humor>
Haha, thanks for the humorous remark!  It has been said that "If you get 
too serious, you'll spoil all the fun."

I imagine that most of the folks subscribed are System Administrators, 
Engineers and Architects.  I'd also leap to the unproven assumption that 
the majority are overworked, underpaid, stressed, and stuff like that.   
If that doesn't make for a bunch of terse, grumpy, and otherwise 
friendly-and-cheer-challenged folks at times, well, you're better folks 
than myself, which, admittedly,  isn't all that difficult, and a little 
humor can go a long way.

Personally, I'd prefer top posting, I don't have an issue reading 
messages staged that way.  To me, scrolling down to see history makes a 
great deal of sense, as it means I see the most pertinent portion of a 
message first. (Arguably pertinent, however if it wasn't for the most 
recent content, the message wouldn't have been sent.)  However, I don't 
care enough to make an issue out of it, while some obviously have strong 
preferences to bottom posting.  What is REALLY not helpful is top, 
bottom, top, bottom posting, and thus I go with the norm.

Either way, while building and sending escalatory non-main-topic content 
(ie, flame wars) are as traditional as bottom posting, I think we'd be 
better off without.


Jacob Leaver
Sr. Systems Administrator
ReachONE Internet