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Thu May 15 15:16:59 UTC 2008
Dennis McLeod <dmcleod at foranyauto.com>


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> Really? We bought that EXACT motherboard.. 10 to be exact and 
> we've had 9 fail and the 10th is on its way to major 
> failure.. the odd thing is that 10th one was the first one 
> purchased and that was 6 months ago.

I have this one too. It's definitely a desktop board.
I have it in use as my desktop since December.
No issues at all. Overclocked a little.
E4500/4G DDR2/ 3 drives, 1-XP, 1-Fedora 8, 1-Centos 5.1
It's been on continuously since it was built.

Have you considered that a 100 percent failure rate may indicate it's NOT
the Motherboard, but some other component/condition.
Is it getting to hot, power fluctuations, etc...
Looking at Newegg's reviews, it has a 5 egg rating with 1248 reviews. There
are some "bad" reviews too, so anything is possible.
What does Gigabyte support say? If you bought 10 at the same time and got
part of a bad batch, I would think they would help you out.
These have Not been out a long time. It might still be under some kind of
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