[CentOS] Best Motherboard

Thu May 15 21:06:53 UTC 2008
John Plemons <john at mavin.com>

Oh and for the rest of you to think about, a Tyan system, with 8 dual 
core CPU's, and 128 gig of Ram... Also New...


John R Pierce wrote:
> Simon Jolle sjolle wrote:
>> On 05/15/2008 04:24 PM, Sam Drinkard wrote:
>>>    About 2 years ago, I build a server     
>> [...]
>> What are the advantages of building your own server comparing with
>> products from HP, Dell and IBM? Is it cheaper?
>> I never heard of DIY server hardware market.
> Well, there is always the category of home servers...  in my case, 
> these are usually handmedown PCs, old, too slow to be a modern 
> desktop, but perfectly usefull as firewalls, DNS/mail/web servers, 
> etc.   My current home server is a 10 year old P2 450Mhz rock solid 
> board.     But, I'd never use something like this in a business where 
> its mission critical.
> I, for one (an opinionated one at that:D) do NOT recommend homebrewing 
> proper rackmount servers from raw parts...  storage integration issues 
> alone can break a project like that.
> there's a middle ground... folks like Intel and Tyan make 'server 
> bases', or kit servers, which comes with the rack chassis, hotswap 
> backplanes, disk drive trays, mainboard and power supply, you just 
> supply the CPUs, RAM, disk drives, and any extra cards you need.
> 6 or so years ago I built up and deployed a pair of Intel SE7501WV2 2U 
> kits in my development lab at work, with dual xeon 2.8ghz and 3GB 
> ram.   these machines have run flawlessly running RHEL/CentOS.   My 
> department had no capital budget, and we could get these kit servers 
> on 'expense' money, then populate them with our 'misc' budget.    
> fully configured these were way under 1/2 what we'd have paid for a 
> comparable HP or Dell.   This would be the equivalent system with 
> today's chipset and CPUs, 
> http://developer.intel.com/design/servers/platforms/SR1500-2500/index.htm 
> (the SR2500AL).  The SKU SR2500ALLXR (2U, mobo, 1 of 2 PSUs, and 5 x 
> SATA/SAS 3.5" hotswap backplane)  goes for $1300-1600 street prices 
> (wow, just about what I paid for the SE7501WV2 6 years ago! hmmm, when 
> I bought mine, the slimline CD was standard, now its optional, oh well)
> these Intel server kits are even setup so you can 'brand' them for VAR 
> applications, they have downloads that let you put your own name on 
> the BIOS startup and so forth.   In fact, the SE7501 2U servers I have 
> were branded by Sun when they initially reentered the x86 server 
> market, as the SunFire V65x
> What you get with a brand name server (HP, Dell, etc) is a warranty 
> and onsite support.    This is critical to some deployments and sites, 
> and fairly superfluous to others.
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