[CentOS] Re: tar spanning

Thu May 15 23:53:36 UTC 2008
Guy Boisvert <boisvert.guy at videotron.ca>

John R Pierce wrote:
> Guy Boisvert wrote:
>> It seems that after all those years of Outlook problems, some are just 
>> into "extreme sports"...
> actually, Outlook Express, and its follow-on Windows Mail, have been FAR 
> more standards compliant than Outlook itself ever was or will be.    
> Outlook Express was originally MS Internet Mail and News, aka MSIMN, 
> which in fact was still the name of the executable last I looked.  
> I've been using Mozilla Thunderbird this past couple years, and I've got 
> a few complaints about it, too (mainly, switching from plaintext to html 
> formatted or visa versa is an ugly process and doesn't handle the 
> conversion at all well at edit time)

You have all my admiration to be "extreme enough" to deal with M$ stuff! 
   I lost patience with them long time ago and i **HATE** the way they 
are always play dirty with standards.

The current Outlook Express could be the best in the world, i wouldn't 
use it!  I know, i shouldn't say that... It's just that i can't stand M$ 
way of doing things and i don't see them change in the next century!

Well, sorry John for my rant, it came deep from my heart!

And yes, Thunderbird is not perfect as 100% of the software on the planet!

Guy Boisvert, ing.
IngTegration inc.