[CentOS] Best Motherboard

Fri May 16 11:57:13 UTC 2008
Thomas Harold <tgh at tgharold.com>

Simon Jolle sjolle wrote:
> On 05/15/2008 04:24 PM, Sam Drinkard wrote:
>>    About 2 years ago, I build a server 
> [...]
> What are the advantages of building your own server comparing with
> products from HP, Dell and IBM? Is it cheaper?
> I never heard of DIY server hardware market.

Getting exactly what you want.

Our last few test boxes have been Tyan server (Opteron F) motherboards 
mounted in SuperMicro server chassis (3U or 4U).  We usually order two 
spare PSU modules, and have other spare parts laying around.  So if the 
box dies, we can generally get it back up and running using parts we 
have on-hand.

However, once we switch to production systems, we'll probably go find a 
barebones rack server company who sells their servers with RedHat as an 
install option.  (Which usually ensures that we get Linux compatible 
hardware.)  Because for production stuff, I prefer to have a 3 year