[CentOS] OT: Top Posting

Fri May 16 14:54:26 UTC 2008
Carol Anne Ogdin <caogdin at gmail.com>

Thanks, Johnny, for your comments.

Can you post some URLs for CentOS forums you mentioned in your reply?  I've
searched high-and-low with no success.

The other thing I'd love is a link to a good RSS (or Atom) feed devoted to
RHEL and/or CentOS.  Any help would be most appreciated.

--Carol Anne

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> Akemi Yagi wrote:
> > On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Carol Anne Ogdin 
> <caogdin at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Jumping in late here:  I sincerely wish that this list was 
> maintained 
> >> on any of the quality "bulletin board" or "Forum" tools.  It would 
> >> reduce my eMail load, allow me to zoom in on just the issues of 
> >> interest to me at the moment, and I can eMail those posts 
> to myself 
> >> that are relevant to my own needs for further editing and 
> documentation.
> >>
> >> I find the entire USENET and eMail list thing utterly 
> antediluvian, 
> >> and wicked hard to use.  Often, I can only barely remember that 
> >> *maybe* something relevant was discussed months ago, but is now 
> >> relevant to my current issue today.  A "forum" is more 
> practical as a 
> >> tool for building a collective knowledge of the CentOS community.  
> >> This eMail list just doesn't cut it for a "knowledge base" 
> built up of our collective experience.
> >>
> >> Of course, for those of you who still prefer this medium, 
> a "forum" 
> >> can eMail you posts, just like you see them today.  But people who 
> >> would like to search for a solution from a year or so ago could 
> >> search the central resource.
> >>
> >> --Carol Anne
> > 
> > I think this post gives us a good message.  That is that, just like 
> > there are many people who hate the forums, there are many users who 
> > prefer the forums over the mailing lists.
> > 
> >>From what I have been observing by participating in the BOTH worlds
> > for the last year or so, the number of people who are being 
> helped in 
> > the forums outgrows that of the mailing lists.  And if you 
> do google 
> > searches, you tend to find forum posts more than mailing 
> posts.  BUT, 
> > my intention is not to make a comparison -- they just have 
> different 
> > audience.
> > 
> > The point I want to make is that if you feel one method is not as 
> > well-served as the other, efforts should be made to make the other 
> > method equally good.  CentOS provides the two major venues, and we 
> > should be able to choose whichever the one we feel more comfortable 
> > without sacrificing the quality of help we get.  The "C" in 
> CentOS is 
> > the driving force of the whole project.  We, community 
> members, as a 
> > whole always need to think how best we can help others.
> > 
> > My 2 cents worth,
> I just want to point out that there are forums for CentOS, we 
> have several moderators and community members who answer 
> questions there every day and we can akways use more users 
> there answering questions.
> You can also search and read this list in several places that 
> are available in a threaded format ... like:
> http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.linux.centos.general
> You can also search the archives using google and the site feature:
> in a google search box, do:
> site:http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/ "Top Posting"
> Regardless, forums, mailing lists and a wiki are all 
> available for CentOS users ... and each medium is driven by 
> "CentOS Users" who volunteer to participate for "CentOS 
> Users" who are looking for help. 
> We offer all 3 because different users prefer different methods.
> That is what open source is all about ... pick the method you 
> like and use it :D
> Thanks,
> Johnny Hughes