[CentOS] OT: Top Posting

Fri May 16 15:00:59 UTC 2008
Carol Anne Ogdin <caogdin at gmail.com>

I actually DO subscribe to this list via gmail.  However, I seldom bother
doing so through webmail, because I like my information to come to me,
rather than spending my time logging on, waiting for pages to refresh, etc.

I have long experience in group communication and on-line knowledge
accumulation (see, for example,
http://www.deepwoods.com/transform/pubs/Community.htm).  My focus has always
been on the ease and efficiency with which individuals share knowledge with
their peers ("the rising tide lifts all boats").  My experience with
RHEL/CentOS is not as deep, and I'm eager to learn.  I'd just like to help
bridge the gap that--to my observation--impedes knowledge transfer.

--Carol Anne 

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> > I find the entire USENET and eMail list thing utterly antediluvian, 
> > and wicked hard to use.  Often, I can only barely remember that 
> > *maybe* something relevant was discussed months ago, but is now 
> > relevant to my current issue today.  A "forum" is more 
> practical as a 
> > tool for building a collective knowledge of the CentOS community.  
> > This eMail list just doesn't cut it for a "knowledge base" 
> built up of our collective experience.
> Get yourself a gmail account and subscribe this list to it.  
> The threaded presentation goes a long way, and a few 
> additional minutes with the label setup tool can practically 
> create your own personal forum layout, and if there are only 
> a few things to catch up on you can quickly scan them under 
> "All Mail" rather than having to check each of the different 
> categories separately.
> I read nearly all my email lists in gmail now ... but, 
> increasingly, email user agents like Thunderbird have similar 
> features if you don't like a web interface (which given your 
> attraction to forums is probably not an issue).
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