[CentOS] Convert a real system in a DomU

Fri May 16 21:28:38 UTC 2008
Luke S Crawford <lsc at prgmr.com>

"Sergio Belkin" <sebelk at gmail.com> writes:
> dd if=/dev/sdaX of=fedora6.img (on FC6)

of course, you can't do this if you are booting off /dev/sdaX-  boot
into a rescue disk or something.

> and then on Centos 5.1
> dd if=fedora6.img of=/dev/sdaX
> Could I run this system into Xen?

assuming you sized things correctly, yes.

Personally I find it easier to just make .tar.gz files of the entire system.

A few things you need to do to the fc image before you start.

you want to install the xen kernel and make an entry for it in PyGrub
before you move to step 1.   fix the /etc/fstab to match what you call your
disks in the xm config file.   make sure the initrd you make has
--preload xenblk

make sure you run a getty on the console (for CentOS, the console is xvc0
I assume it is the same for fc)   so add xvc0 to /etc/securetty and run 
a getty on it in /etc/inittab

after this you can make the image as above.

your config file needs to be something like this:
bootloader = "/usr/bin/pygrub"
memory = 512
name = "fc_test"
vif = []
disk = [

it should 'just work'