[CentOS] Re: clustered mail server?

Mon May 19 22:34:55 UTC 2008
Paul Heinlein <heinlein at madboa.com>

On Sun, 18 May 2008, Tom Diehl wrote:

> If you are sending secret or sensitive information via unencrypted 
> email you already have a bigger problem then weather or not google 
> is harvesting info. Email by design is insecure. Why anyone would 
> believe otherwise is unclear to me. If you are encrypting it than I 
> would argue that it does not matter if google tries to harvest 
> information from it.

There's data and then there's metadata. The former, as you note, can 
be protected via standard encryption techniques. The latter -- e.g., 
who sent messages to whom and when -- might be just as important, and 
it's not possible to encrypt.

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