[CentOS] IMAPS error with Dovecot?

Tue May 20 17:48:53 UTC 2008
Anne Wilson <cannewilson at googlemail.com>

On Tuesday 20 May 2008 18:44:13 Benjamin Smith wrote:
> I'm using Dovecot to support IMAPS on CentOS4 on port 993. Stock RPMS,
> absolutely nothing special done or even anything compiled on the system.
> About as usual as usual usually gets.
> But, using KMail on my Fedora Linux laptop, I keep getting the following
> message: (in part)
> "This means that although the resource, Changing the flags of message
> imaps://me@myserver.com:993/INBOX/;UID=0,0,1866921748,1866921754,1866921769
>4 failed., was able to be opened, an error occurred while writing to the
> resource.
> Changing the flags of message
> imaps://my@myserver.com:993/INBOX/;UID=0,1866921748,1866921754,1866921769,1
> failed."
> It happens whever I mark a message as "read" and then resynch up with imap.
> I can *delete* messages just fine, I just can't change the flags on a
> message. I've scanned thru the /var/log/maillog, /var/log/secure,
> /var/log/messages and found nothing out of the ordinary. I've checked the
> permissions of the /var/spool/mail/myaccount and /home/myaccount/Mail
> folders - both are fine.
> I have another, almost identically configured mail server that is not
> having the same issue. I've tried refreshing my cache, and rebuilding
> indexes in my email program.
> I'm stumped. Any idea where to go next for this?

To the dovecot mailing list, I would think.  They are very helpful and 
obviously know dovecot better than anyone here.

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