[CentOS] Show IP Traffic on a port

Wed May 21 01:03:11 UTC 2008
Ian Blackwell <ian at ikel.id.au>

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> I am trying to determine the root of an issue I am having.
> How can I watch traffic destined to a specific port on my CentOS 5.1
> box to see if its even hitting it? It would be udp traffic.
> Thanks!
> jlc
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If you're using IPTABLES on your CentOS box, then you can "watch" the 
traffic hit your rules using "watch -d iptables -nvL".  The -d will 
highlight changes (so you can spot them) and you should see the number 
of packets change as each packet is processed by your rules.

If you have a specific chain name that deals with your port, then add 
that after the -nvL in the command - e.g. "watch -d iptables -nvL myChain"

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