[CentOS] Re:Can't get past the splash screen

Wed May 21 04:23:53 UTC 2008
Alex White <ethericalzen at gmail.com>

Eon Strife wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the reply. 
> I already checked the the current user logged in the freenx by using "nxserver --list", it's only the root (the one I currently using).
> And yeah, I'm stuck in this screen : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v708/EonStrife/stuck.jpg
> I wonder, just say if we don't use the remote desktop, but we access or use the computer directly/physically as usual, what do we do if we're stuck on that screen ?
> About the log of the nomachine, I think the most interesting part is the bottomost part. Note, there are many occurences of "NXFileMonitor::readData", and some 'stop' and 'destructor' words in the end, even though the nomachine is still running.

<snipped some logging info>

> [Wed 21. May 09:48:21 2008]: LoginDialog: Agent found closing windows...
> [Wed 21. May 09:48:21 2008]: LoginDialog: Slotsingleapplication: setting automatic reconnect to true.
> [Wed 21. May 09:48:21 2008]: Settings::flush
> [Wed 21. May 09:48:21 2008]: Settings::flush
> [Wed 21. May 09:48:21 2008]: LoginDialog: closeEvent received!
> [Wed 21. May 09:48:21 2008]: LoginDialog::destructor called begin

<snipped for brevity>

I am not in front of a machine with the nxclient on it, I will be in the 
morning and can see what some of the logs look like there; however, the 
ling concerning automatic reconnect to true makes me think the device is 
attempting to start up a session that doesn't exist. I can't prove that, 
but I will have more information tomorrow.

Concerning your screen shot, I've only ever been stuck at that screen 
once and simply hitting enter at the keyboard made it vanish. The splash 
screen should time out anyhow once the start up stuff times out if 
gnome/kde/xfce's initialization routine takes too long.

What desktop (window manager?) are you using? Is it Gnome, KDE or 
something else? I've not seen selinux create an issue, but for posterity 
is it running? Does it log anything on the system you're attempting to 
connect with? Oh, what about permissions for the user? Does the user 
have the ability to write to his/her home directory properly? You could 
be getting stuck on the splash screen because the user can't write any 
data for the initialization.


Alex White