[CentOS] Re: OT: Top Posting

Wed May 21 12:58:46 UTC 2008
Doug Tucker <tuckerd at engr.smu.edu>

On Wed, 2008-05-21 at 05:41 -0400, William L. Maltby wrote:
> Sorry to jump in here, but combination of humorous and serious thoughts
> crossed my mind. And maybe these thoughts will allay future threads of
> this nature.
> On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 09:28 -0500, Doug Tucker wrote:
> > > (Me, too, of course!)
> > > 
> > > mhr
> > 
> > MHR,
> > 
> > This is true, and you and I proved we can even have fun with it, but
> > name calling (I got called an ass here for virtually nothing), and
> But keep in mind you were only a "virtual ass". Not really one. And the
> person who labeled you as an ass may have been, in fact, the ass.
> Regardless, his was only a "virtual opinion". And unless you have a
> personal relationship and really care what he felt...
> Often, when one of the habitual denizens of the list snipe at you, they
> only make themselves look bad. Old farts like me think "Their momma
> didn't raise them right". Or they had a rough night.
> And I'm glad they have the isolation of the 'net to allow them to vent
> in safety. Being an old fart, I see lots of behavior that would not have
> occurred when things had to be said face-to-face.
> Courage without risk is common, in both senses of the word. Bravado?
> Consideration and courtesy without reward is rare.
> > disrespectful snide remarks (such as telling someone they have provided
> > zero value to a conversation when it was valuable to them), are not
> > being blunt, that's simply being rude and childish, and has no place
> > even amongst us nerds.
> Ignore them. They make themselves look bad.
> > <snip sig stuff>

Hahahaha....that was good, and a lot of truth in it too.  And I didn't
snipe back, I ignored it for the most part, but being an old fart
myself, and a born and raised Texas boy, when they started sniping at a
lady, well, where I come from IRL, that would buy them a good of
fashioned country butt whoopin.  I was polite, but frankly thought they
needed a "virtual" slap down.  I did resist the temptation :).  Reminded
me too of a video my 4 year old watches, where the old cow tells his son
"A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for

And yes, courage without risk is common.  Being an old Texas boy, I
would love the opportunity to discuss IRL :).