[CentOS] CentOS 5.2 ?

Fri May 23 11:49:34 UTC 2008
Jens Larsson <jens at nsc.liu.se>

> > > Anybody knows when CentOS 5.2 will be made available?

> LOL, it's *almost* funny how quick people start asking when the next 
> version will come out when after upstream has released a new version.
> Paul

What's so funny? I think it's a very relevant question. There are 
preparations to made. Mirror-disks should have enough space. Kickstart 
have to be modified. Users should be notified. Vacations should be put on 
hold... And not all of us have been on this list and have had this 
discussion every time a new release is due. Tim Verhoeven did the right 
thing and put a good answer at http://planet.centos.org/. Thanks!


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