[CentOS] Re: Need help with rsync. [solved]

Fri May 23 15:12:56 UTC 2008
Fajar Priyanto <fajarpri at cbn.net.id>

On Friday 23 May 2008 01:46:33 James B. Byrne wrote:
> Dealings with SELinux issues typically do not lend themselves to short
> answers.  SELinux is like an onion, each each exception blocks access until
> resolved.  Thus each policy change has to be made individually and then the
> process retested so that the next impediment evidences itself.

> Note that simply overriding what SELinux is prohibiting is not what I am
> advocating here.  Sometimes the problem is that the software needs its file
> system access expectations trimmed back and that requires filing a bug
> report with the maintainers.  However, in a production environment you
> normally just have to get things working and what I usually do is weigh
> what the program is requesting against what I want it to do for me.  Often
> the problem is that the default policy is simply too restrictive.  On rare
> occasions I do actually file a bug report but almost always override the
> local policy anyway just to get on with the job.
> I hope this helps.

Hello James,
Thank you very much for the sharing. It's very informative.
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