[CentOS] resizing partition

Sun May 25 01:41:13 UTC 2008
Barry Brimer <lists at brimer.org>

> I'm going to have to resize a partition (shrink it) to make room for
> more swap space.  This is actually not too big of a deal, since we're
> not talking about a "system" partition (/, /var, /usr, etc), but one
> where an application resides.  So I won't even have to go to "rescue"
> mode to do this.  I can umount this thing live. (and since I'm working
> on it remotely, that's important).
> But this system was not configured with LVM.  So it occurs to me, that
> in dealing with a non-LVM partition(s), if the swap space I want to
> enlarge isn't next to the partition I shrink, my options would be to:
> 1.  Manually "move" the other partitions, probably very risky
> 2.  Simply make a second swap space that's next to the partition I
> shrink.
> Have I got the right idea?
>   === Al

You could also create a swap file and put it in the partition you would be 
shrinking and use that instead of repartitioning.