[CentOS] saslauthd for sendmail SMTP relay

Sun May 25 22:54:03 UTC 2008
Ian Blackwell <ian at ikel.id.au>

Bernd Bartmann wrote:
> It did start without any problems. Looks like I found the cause. From
> the logs I see that someone tried a brute force attach on the SMTP
> relay with several username / password combinations. Then one of the
> attempts lead to a segfault of saslauth. Which probably means that
> there is a bug in saslauthd as it should not be possible to crash a
> service just by suppling a "weird" comibination of input data.
Sounds to me like you should consider running SELinux - that is if you 
aren't already :-)     .  Of course it won't solve the segfault, but it 
should restrict any damage a compromised saslauthd process can do.

Anyway, glad you're on track again.

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