[CentOS] RAID5 or RAID50 for database?

Mon May 26 00:34:28 UTC 2008
Linux <linuxlist at gmail.com>

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 3:16 AM, Christopher Chan
<christopher at ias.com.hk> wrote:
> I believe you cannot do it via the installer yet. Can anybody confirm the
> presence of raid10 personality in Centos 5?

Installer does not have raid10 as an option. Not sure whether boot cd
has this module or not. But after installing, it exists.

Current mdadm raid10 version in CentOS5 is a little old (v2.5.4 - 13
October 2006) and has a bug which sometimes kicks one drive from raid
after initial resync and repeats kicking-after-resync when hot added
again and again and again.