Mon May 26 18:57:09 UTC 2008
Zoltán Horváth <horvathzoltanster at gmail.com>

Hi, Michael

In begining excuse me my English. I know it is not my strongest side.
At secoundary scool from 1985 to 1988 I learnt COBOL in Hungary in an
IBM 360 clone called R20. It was a standad mainframe of the socialist
part of Europe.
Two mounth ago I decided I relearn it by OpenCobol. Because of my two
children and so much work it is now only a dream. But I have a
question: is the  OpenCobol  with a Linux Distibution (perhaps Debian)
a solution for your problem (maybe???)?
I am sure the Identification and Environment Division will snugly must rewrite.

Best all, and have a real succes!


2008/5/21, Michael <michael at j3ksolutions.com>:
> Just curious, maybe some old timers could help me out. I am working with a
> company that is migrating 20 years of Mainframe Software Development to
> Unix, HPUX. How much harder would it be to go to Linux, Centos Linux?
>  Also, anyone have any experience with Fujitsu Cobol on Centos? The Fujitsu
> people only support Red Hat, and said I'd be on my own with Centos. In other
> words if it works, then I don't care about Fujitsu support.
>  I know some of you are thinking, did someone say "COBOL"? Nobody uses COBOL
> anymore! If so, let me say "You are wrong". Many large corporations are
> taking their old business logic that was written in COBOL decades ago, and
> moving it to new modern platforms, like Linux. Programatically giving these
> applications a GUI face-lift, while maintaining their original business
> logic. I know because many companies pay me to do just that. I have a client
> that wants to use Centos Linux with Fujistu Cobol, and Fujitsu says it's
> gotta be Red Hat, any help will much appreciated.
>  Thanks,
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