[CentOS] Problem accessing to Windows Terminal Server in load balancing.

Wed May 28 16:50:35 UTC 2008
ArcosCom Linux User <linux at arcoscom.com>

2 questions:
   a) Must I put the same IP with 3 "virtual macs" under the same interface?
   b) Must the ARP entry be changed in the bridges? In the computers?


El Mie, 28 de Mayo de 2008, 18:12, Lorenzo Quatrini escribió:
> ArcosCom Linux User ha scritto:
>> I observed that all TSn IP's has their ARP entry in the ARP table, but
>> the
>> IP for load balancing not.
>> How can I solve this problem at the bridge level? I think that there is
>> something that the bridges are filtering and perhaps is because the TS
>> load balancing software uses various "virtual macs" for the load
>> balancing
>> IP.
> I had a similar issue with a Cisco router; the solution was to add an
> entry on
> the arp table for the IP for load balancing and the "virtual" ethernet
> address
> of the cluster. (You can find them on the properties of the cluster)
> I guess you could use /etc/ether to make the mapping persistent.
> Regards
> Lorenzo Quatrini
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