[CentOS] Adding new drivers to the pxeboot initrd/kernel

Wed May 28 23:05:11 UTC 2008
Clint Dilks <clintd at scms.waikato.ac.nz>

Drew Weaver wrote:
> Drew Weaver wrote:
>>   Does anyone have a howto or documentation on how to add new drivers to
>> the pxeboot initrd/kernel? It appears that although some newer dells
>> (t300) have Broadcom NetXtreme IIs in them, 4.6 won't recognize them for
>> some reason (possibly because they're dual port?)
> You can use a driver disk hosted on either the install media or a usb
> key / floppy disk / cd-r
> ---
> Unfortunately we do our installs via PXE remotely, so it would be difficult, there is no way to modify the pxeboot initrd?
> -Drew
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Hi this is definitely possible, we have had to do similar.

What I would suggest is that you install one system using a driver disk 
or similar so that you have a working system to use to help identify 
changes needed to your initrd.

There is a lot of good documentation about modifying initrd's its just 
that some of it needs to be adjusted slightly for newer Red Hat based 


And remember just because the initrd used for PXE Booting is modified 
doesn't mean that the initd on the installed systems is modified as 
well.  I hope this helps

Good Luck :)