[CentOS] centos 5.1 i386 on a 1GIG flash

Thu May 29 10:00:49 UTC 2008
Plant, Dean <dean.plant at roke.co.uk>

Jerry Geis wrote:
> I have found this link http://owlriver.com/tips/tiny-centos
> for installing centos on a minimal system. I am looking at putting
> centos on a 1 GIG flash drive. The above page talks about removing
> packages after install to attain the small size.
> however, I am getting blocked at the install page about not enough
> room 
> to install.
> All I have selected is the base package. nothing else.
> Is there a way to install "less thank" base... I tried to option off
> items in the base package
> but the last message I got was about 1044 was my packages size...
> Anyone have suggestions or have tried to install on a small device.
> THanks, 
> Jerry

Create a kickstart file with the packages removed as shown in the
appendix on their web page.