[CentOS] Low-memory Centos5?

Thu May 29 13:51:05 UTC 2008
Sorin@Gmail <sorin.srbu at gmail.com>

Jeffrey B. Layton <> scribbled on Thursday, May 29, 2008 1:31 PM:

I use CentOS 5.1 with 256M RAM (incl X, Gnome, Firefox etc and the proprietary
Nvidia 3D gfx drivers. Yes I know it's overkill, but it's so much nicer and
easier to move around stuff using a file manager instead of doing it on the
CLI) in a web server scenario (single family site with lots of pics). Works
very well and I haven't had any problems, except for that yum maxes out the
CPU (Amd Duron/750) occasionally.

This is a stationary computer, and an old one at that. Portables however have
a history of being slower generally (especially older ones), so you might want
to inform us on what other hw you have in yours.

XFCE is nice, fast and slick. Good choice. You might want to shut down most
daemons you don't have a need for.

I've been running CentOS 5 on a P3/500 with 256M as well (It's a Best
Okechobee). Works fine, but some hardware might need some tweaking. I run X,
Gnome, Firefox and OpenOffice et all on this one. CentOS even found my obscure
noname USB-to-Ethernet adapter too! This machine runs fine and I haven't run
into anything strange or difficult to resolve. Life is good.


> I've inherited an old laptop from my wife that I'd like to
> use when I travel (it's fairly small with a 12" screen). The
> bad part is that it is maxed out on memory with 384MB.
> Has anyone played with using Centos5 on systems with
> little memory? Ideally, I don't need too much - Firefox,
> Openoffice, a little Perl/Python/C here and there. I was
> thinking about using either XFCE or Icewm as the window
> manager. I'd also like it to work with the existing wireless
> card (Dlink DWL-G650). Any thoughts or recommendations?
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