[CentOS] Config for NFSv4 an Kerberos on CentOS 5.1

Fri May 30 12:41:32 UTC 2008
Barry Brimer <lists at brimer.org>

> Barry Brimer schrieb:
>> Quoting Sebastian Marten <sebi4711 at gmail.com>:
>>> Hi list,
>>> Is it possible to set up an NFSv4/Kerberos environment on CentOS 5.1?
>>> I set up Kerberos and NFS but get several erros
>>> "Warning: rpc.gssd appears not to be running.
>>> mount.nfs4: Permission denied"
>>> Is this an CentOS oder an config problem?
>> Yes.
>> Are you running all of the gss services?
>> Is portmap running?
>> Did you uncomment the SECURE_NFS="yes" in /etc/sysconfig/nfs?
>> Was your kerberos principal created with:
>> "addprinc -randkey -e des-cbc-md5:normal nfs/server.domain.com"
>> Was your keytab entry created with:
>> "ktadd -e des-cbc-md5:normal nfs/server.domain.com"
>> Do you have gss/krb5p just before the nfs options in parentheses?
> I've done all this + add princs for the host. (tested with ds and 
> ds.example.lan)

Do other kerberized services work on this host?
Does NFS work in non-kerberized mode?