[CentOS] offtopic question .. apprecyice ur help

David G. Miller dave at davenjudy.org
Sat Nov 1 14:13:48 UTC 2008

"fabian dacunha" <fabian at baladia.gov.kw> wrote with horrible intentional misspellings:

> Dear All,
> its a offtopic question but really apprecite if someone would advise n help
> i have been running a mil server with sendmail
> and have sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org as my dnsbl.
> i had  other servers which are alredy out now
> that is relays.ordb.org and dsbl.org have already been out of my sendmail
> config.
> any one knows of ny other servers i could add in my sendmail config
> apprecite ur help
> thanks
> regards
> Fabian
I have two blog posts that describe how I deal with spam:



I use a combination of several RBLs and dSPAM that seems to work fairly 
well and I'm not hearing about any false positives.


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