[CentOS] Upgrade then sudden death..

Ben Mills bjmills at hwy39.net
Sat Nov 1 21:16:03 UTC 2008

I recently put Cent 5.2 (64 bit) on a new server using a Supermicro
pdsbm-ln2+ sys board. I did the original installation at home using the
5.2 dvd I got via torrent.

I turned it over to my NOC tech and it went right online so he ran yum
update. With the most recent kernel, which went in with the update, the
server hung on grub (after reboot). He did a fresh (minimal) Centos
installation and once again ran update, but again the new kernel
wouldn't load.

The machine is set up RAID 1 with two Seagate 250 GB sata drives.
Nothing fancy, just cheapo 7200 rpm stuff.

I wish I could be more specific, but I wasn't present during the update
and failure. None the less, I would appreciate all the opinions and
feedback you folks can offer. I'll have the server back here in a couple
of days. In the meanwhile, I'd like to get some ideas that could help me
resolve this issue.

I put the system board manual on my server at:
http://hwy39.net/centos/Supermicro_PDSBM-LN1-LN2-LN2+_Manual.pdf . Feel
free to take a look at it.




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