[CentOS] Forward all traffic from public IP A to public IP B?

Morten Sundstrøm morten at coretek.no
Mon Nov 3 22:05:15 UTC 2008

nate skrev:
> Morten Sundstrøm wrote:
>> Need help.
>> Im trying to forward all traffic to a public server(A) to another public
>> server(B) except traffic to port 22. Found this on google but cant get
>> it to work. Could someone help me please.
> Is server (B) behind server (A) ? It's been a while but last
> time I checked you couldn't do forwarding to a system unless that
> system was behind the system that was doing the forwarding using
> normal iptables.
> What I do is use a specialized utility, there are two such utilities
> that I know of that handle tcp forwarding in this manor:
> rinetd and redir.
> The only downside is the destination system will not see any of
> the original IP addresses connecting, it will only see IPs of the
> system doing the forwarding.
> I don't think either rinetd or redir are available in the default
> CentOS installation you probably have to find them elsewhere on
> the net.
> As for non-TCP stuff, I don't know off the top of my head.
> nate
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Server B is not behind server A, two different machines on different 
public networks.

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