[CentOS] Check my math please

Monty Shinn montys at videopost.com
Wed Nov 5 21:55:51 UTC 2008

Sean Carolan wrote:
> Ok this is kind of a goofy question but I want to make sure I get it
> right. Suppose we have a 25 mb video, that is 117 seconds long.  If we
> wish for this streaming video to play smoothly with no compression,
> buffering or skipping, the following bandwidth requirements must be
> met:
> 25 megabytes = 204800 kilobits.
> 204800 kb / 117 seconds ~ 1750kb/s
> Does that look right to you?
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The size of the file doesn't make much difference.  What matters is the 
resolution and framerate of the video.

Depending on the resolution and framerate, you probably won't be able to 
stream realtime without some buffering and/or compression.  And don't 
forget, it isn't just the size of your pipe to the internet, it is also 
the size of the recipient's pipe, and how many concurrent connections 
you will have at the same time, assuming you are hosting locally.

Lower framerate and resolution = lower bandwidth required.



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