[CentOS] Painfully slow NetApp with databas

Mindaugas Riauba ml at kilimas.com
Thu Nov 6 08:44:56 UTC 2008


  We have long running problem with NetApp filers. When we connect
server to the filer sequential read performance is ~70MB/s. But once
we run database on the server seq read performance drops to ~11MB/s.
That's happening with two servers. One is running Oracle another -
MySQL. During speed tests database load is very light (less than 1MB/s
of reads and writes). During the tests NetApp was serving only these
two servers.

  What could be causing such slowdown and overall slow read
performance? Writes are fast >100MB/s.

  NetApp support is claiming that such performance is normal. Somehow
I do not believe that 2007 model should deliver such XXth century
performance levels. :)

  RHEL4 fully updated 64 bits connected to NetApp FAS3040 via SAN
using Qlogic 2Gb/s FC adapters. Tried both drivers from Redhat and
QLogic (for NetApp). Also changing of FC parameters (like queue size)
did not help.



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