[CentOS] Cluster Heart Beat Using Cross Over Cable

Morten Torstensen morten at mortent.org
Thu Nov 6 12:37:27 UTC 2008

lingu wrote:
>  Since it is a very critical and busy server may be due to heavy
> network load  some hear beat signal is getting missed  resulting in
> shifting of service from one node to another.

For automated takeover systems, especially critical ones (tho you can 
argue that any system setup with automatic takeover is critical by 
definition), you should have multiple heartbeat paths. Ethernet, serial 
cable, on shared disk, fibre or whatnot.

Having false takeovers due to missed heartbeat on one set of ethernet 
cards could also likely be missed on another set of cards, even with a 
crossover cable.

Maybe you should investigate alternate paths?


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