[CentOS] How Auto Start Greeter on Ctrl-Alt-F8?

Jay Leafey jay.leafey at mindless.com
Sat Nov 8 00:17:27 UTC 2008

I had done this a LONG time ago, but the rules changed a bit since then. 
  It turns out it's VERY easy, but note that this is a fully-updated 
CentOS 5 system.  The method varies somewhat with  v4.

Open the file /etc/gdm/custom.conf with a text editor and go all the way 
to the bottom.  You should see a section labeled "[servers]".  Add the 
following lines after the [servers] header:


Save the file, restart X ( telinit 3 ; telinit 5 ) and you should have a 
GDM on both VC7 and VC8.

The default (stored in /usr/share/gdm/defaults.conf) is to start up only 
display 0 and run a greeter, so there is only a "0=Standard" line in the 
[servers] section there.  Putting these lines in custom.conf overrides 
that section of the defaults.conf file.  The comments in defaults.conf 
are pretty informative, so you might pick up some other tidbits there.

Hope that helps!
Jay Leafey - Memphis, TN
jay.leafey at mindless.com
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