[CentOS] Appliance platform

Ted Miller tedjeanmiller at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 8 17:27:15 UTC 2008

I have a project that I need some hardware pointers for.  I need to build 
some Centos "appliances" (dedicated boxes to do one thing only).  Target 
cost is under $250/box.

OS: Centos 5
Hardware Cost: less than $250 USD
USB: at least 2 (not including keyboard)
Memory: at least 128K
Storage: prefer flash (USB stick OK)
Network: 10 Base T

Height: less than 4" (fit on a 3RU shelf)
Width: less than 10" (slide keyboard beside CPU on rack shelf)\
Display: 80x25 (or better) LCD on front of case (comes that way or I mount
    it there)
Network: 2 x 10 Base T

Application (in case anyone cares): Move better-than-FM quality audio 
across a leased audio circuit with delay under 10 seconds.  No Internet 
exposure.  Obviously one box is required at each end, and the encoding box 
works much harder than the decoding box.  Software to run will probably be 
Ices -> Icecast -> network -> mplayer.  Will be using USB audio interfaces, 
probably something like the M-Audio Fast Track Pro.  Because of the nature 
of the application, once it is booted up the only disk activity is 
occasional logging when there is a problem with the connection.

Any advice, web links, battle scars, or advice gladly accepted.

Ted Miller
Indiana, USA

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