[CentOS] Appliance platform

Ted Miller tedjeanmiller at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 9 22:35:11 UTC 2008

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Ted Miller wrote:
>> Application (in case anyone cares): Move better-than-FM quality audio 
>> across a leased audio circuit with delay under 10 seconds.  No 
>> Internet exposure.  Obviously one box is required at each end, and the 
>> encoding box works much harder than the decoding box.  Software to run 
>> will probably be Ices -> Icecast -> network -> mplayer.  Will be using 
>> USB audio interfaces, probably something like the M-Audio Fast Track 
>> Pro.  Because of the nature of the application, once it is booted up 
>> the only disk activity is occasional logging when there is a problem 
>> with the connection.
>> Any advice, web links, battle scars, or advice gladly accepted.
> Not quite a match, but maybe worth investigating the hackability: the 
> $99 Roku box sold initially to stream Netflix but supposed to be getting 
> other capabilities.  Or for just audio, their soundbridge products that 
> are more expensive but some include speakers.  Development specs are 
> available for the soundbridge along with source for gpl'd code included 
> with the netflix box.  Not sure about development on the netflix box, 
> though.  Might be worth $99 just to take it apart and see what's in there.

This would be more interesting for the playback end (no audio input 
capability is visible) if this were a one-time project, but we will 
probably have to supply more pairs in the future, so a more stable platform 
is more interesting.  Price is certainly right, but unlikely to hold, as 
they are charging $200 for their SoundBridge.

Ted Miller
Indiana, USA

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