[CentOS] Is there in CentOS 5 Compiz?

happymaster23 happymaster23 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 19:39:18 UTC 2008

Thank you for reply,

but Compiz can be easily switched off when you are on battery and the GMA950
have enough power to handle it on 1024*600 resolution. This is no problem. I
like CentOS because of its stability (and I am using it on servers), but I
don´t know how it will appear on desktop. Yes, CentOS is enterprise
operating system and Fedora is multimedia minded, but I think that CentOS is
better OS with much better HW support (isn´t it?) and this multimedia
features can be easily added.

I don´t know which one choose :(

2008/11/13 Michael Schenck <mschenck at limewire.com>

> Compiz is pretty resource intensive.  As a result it will also use your
> power/(unit time) this might not be the best desktop environment for a
> netbook.  Assuming it will even play well with the netbook's video card.
> Good luck,
> Michael Schenck
> happymaster23 wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have one maybe stupid question - is there in CentOS 5 packages of Compiz
>> Fusion? I am deciding between Fedora and CentOS to install it to my netbook
>> and this is one of most important features that I want.
>> Thank for replies
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