[CentOS] CentOS 5.2 on P5N64

"J.A. Magallón" magallon at unizar.es
Fri Nov 14 12:04:02 UTC 2008

Hi all...

First of all, I'm new to this list. Thanks in advance for the help I  
will get here ;)

I have installed a CentOS 5.2 64 bit on a computer, and I can't get it  
The box is a custom built computer, with this components:

- ASUS P5N64 WS Pro motherboard (nForce 790i Ultra SLI)
   More details here: http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&l2=11&l3=653&l4=0&model=2182&modelmenu=1
- Intel Core Quad Q9450
- GeForce GTX 260
- 2x2Gb of 1333 memory
- SATA 500Gb hd and SATA DVD (sata ports 1 and 2).

I booted with the DVD and installed the system fine, but when I try to
boot from the HD, the boot process just stops after inird loading, the  
doesn't even start.

I also tried with the CentOS 5.2 live CD, but it stops claiming that  
can not
find the boot disk ???

Has someone similar problems ? What could I try to boot ?


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