[Centos] Promise EX16650 under 5.2?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Nov 17 17:34:22 UTC 2008

Gordon McLellan wrote:
> Does anyone have experience using the Supertrak EX16650 sas controller
> under Centos 5.2?

Do you know what the pci id's are for the device ?

> The Promise website claims RHEL 5.2 support was added Sept '08.  I
> figure the card might very well be detected, but how about the
> management gui - it appears to use some sort of web interface, but the
> card has no ethernet jack, so it must rely on some special driver to
> access this?

most of the time such webui's are run via a proxy app, that you run as 
'root' on the machine and then connect to over the net using your web 
browser. its a common practice that many h/w vendors use these days.

- KB

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