[CentOS] how can I stress a server?

Rudi Ahlers rudiahlers at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 21:47:18 UTC 2008

> I seem to recall that one of the differences between AMD and Intel
> virtualization is that AMD chips have additional memory management
> capabilities that are specific to virtualization on the CPU chip, where
> Intel processors require additional support circuitry.  The fact that
> your problems surface when you're running xen suggests that possibly the
> additional support isn't functioning correctly.  Is it possible that
> there's some obfuscated BIOS setting that's necessary to enable it, or
> that it's just not present on the motherboard?
> Dave
> _______________________________________________

Hi Dave,

My experience & knowledge of AMD is limited, so I stick to what I
know, Intel. The only setting I know of in the BIOS related to
virtualization is Intel's VT - which is enabled. But even when it was
disabled I had the problem. I only enabled it last week to see if I
could install FreeBSD as a fully virtualized guest.


Kind Regards
Rudi Ahlers

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