[CentOS] Re: Linux backup help

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Nov 18 22:39:57 UTC 2008

on 11-14-2008 1:09 PM Amos Shapira spake the following:
> Is there a way to "freeze" a list of installed packages and exact
> versions, then tell yum (or any other tool/script) to install exactly
> these verions either on the same or another systme?
> I'm asking from perspective of being able to update and test in my
> test or staging environment then when tests pass I want to replicate
> the exact list of package versions in production.
> Thanks,
> --Amos
Why not just clone the system?
Put it on DVD, and make images of those disks available.
If you are installing on a system in a country with limited bandwidth, mail or
otherwise ship a DVD there.

That will be the easiest way. Or just make your own repo with only the
packages you want, and set new systems to only use that repo.

But if the systems touch the internet in any way, you will just be creating a
security nightmare for yourself. If your software is so finicky that an update
breaks it, you need to redesign the app. The Enterprise distros don't change
that much, and if you have a test system, you would always test the updates
there first, and then script the updates and any tweaks that need to be done
from a central server. You could update globally this way to any system with a
connection, and you could send a CD or DVD to those that don't.

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