[CentOS] how can I stress a server?

Matthew Kent matt at bravenet.com
Tue Nov 18 23:59:05 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-11-18 at 11:25 +0200, Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> But, how can I put a LOT of load onto it, and see what's causing the
> problem? For all I know, the motherboard could be faulty, or the CPU,
> or maybe even the SATA bus?

stress! Configured correctly it will abuse a server pretty hard


run like

cd /var/tmp
screen -dmS stress
screen -rx stress
stress --cpu 16 --io 8 --vm 12 --vm-bytes 512M --hdd 4 --hdd-bytes 1G --timeout 86400

Oh and be sure to set a timeout if you run it remotely or you'll lock
yourself out ;)
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