[CentOS] New installation woes

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Wed Nov 19 12:27:24 UTC 2008

Sam Drinkard wrote:
> I've just installed CentOS 5.2 for the x86_64 on a SuperMicro X6DA8-G
> board with two 250g SATA drives configured in the bios as a raid 1
> array.  After getting the base installed, I've tried to yum update the
> system and I wind up with these errors....
> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> Error: Missing Dependency:
> libmysqlclient.so.14(libmysqlclient_14)(64bit) is needed by package
> perl-DBD-mysql

You seem to have the rpmforge repository installed, because the package
in the base repositories is called perl-DBD-MySQL (note the mixed case

You should use the priorities plugin to clear that up. And you need to
exclude perl-DBD-mysql from the rpmforge repository, as the priorities
plugin seems to be case sensitive.

More information on Priorities:


More info on Repositories:



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