[CentOS] XFS or JFS on CentOS 5?

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at bludgeon.org
Thu Nov 20 05:23:55 UTC 2008

Hi folks... trying to pick between jfs and xfs for a filesystem.  In
the past we've used jfs with CentOS + centosplus, however, an older
post indicated that this may not be the best choice as the version of
jfs included with the centosplus kernel would only be as new as the
version that was included in the 2.6.18 kernel as RH doesn't backport

It looks like xfs isn't part of the centosplus kernel, but instead is
provided as a kmod -- so I'm thinking it might be the better choice
based purely on the fact that it's likely to be current.  Is my
understanding correct there?

What would stop us from building a kmod-jfs against the latest jfs from
the up-upstream kernel and not building jfs.ko in the centosplus kernel
at all?  It looks like jfsutils is a fairly recent version...


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